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November 20th, 8:31 pm  ·  

Couple things: EggNog lattes are back!! And! We are now able to accept buckskin bucks! For the rest of today through Friday (11/10)
$.50 off any drink if you use your BuckBucks!
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November 8th, 12:14 pm  ·  

Starting next week (10/16) Gypsy will be open Monday-Wednesday for 3 weeks. We'll be resuming regular hours 11/6 after I get back from Scotland. Just a wee adventure to the Bonnie homeland... ... See MoreSee Less

October 13th, 6:26 pm  ·  

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The Simon Benson House in Portland. With his namesake fountains This evening

September 9th, 7:53 am  ·  

Gypsy will be closed from 9:30-11 for the eclipse. ... See MoreSee Less

August 21st, 8:42 am  ·  

Gypsy is closed today because I'm getting a new espresso machine! RIP Princess Sophia!
Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be open regular business hours tomorrow.
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August 4th, 9:54 am  ·  

We have tapestries! Here's a few examples... ... See MoreSee Less

August 3rd, 8:57 am  ·  

Beans are here! Fresh and fragrant! ... See MoreSee Less

July 21st, 12:54 pm  ·