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Gypsy Java

The origins of our Mam!Our fabulous Anthony is visiting the coops and coffee farmers who grow our coffee in Chiapas, Mexico. Check out part of the processes that get your coffee to your cup!

Here he is in a nursery full of baby coffee plants (your future coffee!). Also pictured is a mature coffee plant, loaded with coffee cherries (it’s harvest time!). Next we have the coffee cherries drying in the sun on the mountainside. And finally sacks full of green beans ready for roasting!
#cafemam #fairtrade #fairtradecoffee #shadegrown #birdfriendly #organic #chiapas #farmers #coffee
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February 15th, 9:04 pm  ·  

It’s Gypsy’s 9 year anniversary! It’s been a wink and a lifetime! 25% off all merchandise!
Happy Valentines Day!
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February 14th, 8:44 am  ·  

Homemade bread, anyone? Roasted garlic, Italian herb, cheddar mustard, corn jalapeño, and beer bacon cheddar... ... See MoreSee Less

February 12th, 11:30 am  ·